Some of the biggest challenges faced by travel managers include educating employees about travel risks, communicating with them during a crisis and being able to instantly locate them any time of day or night..this is where we come in.

Meon Risk Manager

On iOS and Android, our Risk Management App provides continuous real-time tracking of travellers whilst delivering detailed security updates relevant to their upcoming trips or present location.

  • GPS traveller tracking
  • Direct push alerts
  • SOS response
  • Check in facilities
  • Direct incident assistance
  • Tailored guides and advice
  • Multilingual
  • Travel booking integration


By using the patented GPS technology: you can determine the real-time location of any traveller within mere inches of accuracy, with just a click of a button. 


Travellers will be reassured via security notifications sent directly to their smartphones relating to new, escalating and evolving incidents which contain advice and direction.


Integrated communication tools mean that travel managers and travellers can communicate with each other via app notifications, SMS and email. 

The Control Panel

The International Security Overview (ISO) is the control panel dedicated to travel and security managers. The ISO is feature rich yet simple to use, delivering rapid access to an overview of traveller’s locations globally, updated security incident details and communication options.

  • Live traveller location
  • Risk mapping
  • Country risk profiling
  • Flexible alerts
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Daily security summeries

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