Sam Orton

Adept in management, efficiencies, customer services and analytics, Sam was appointed as the new Operations Development Manager for Meon as part of the streamlining of this ever-growing business.  Sam will oversee the expanded mandate of customer focus and operational efficiency under the renewed 2020 Vision endorsed by the Executive team.  Previous to this assignment Sam was Revenue and Sales Manager for the Goodwood Estate managing reservations teams, systems, relationships, revenue, business analytics, strategy, reporting, supervisory skills and proficiency.

Sam brings a customer focussed and energetic perspective of business logic with an emphasis on service that is both transparent and powerful. Her passions include travel, sport, business excellence, design and of course, the all-important skill at Meon of retail therapy!  We are so looking forward to her assisting us in developing the Management team to enhance effectiveness, guiding quality and inspiring all those around her.

She is an engaging leader with a passion for bringing people together in a motivated and rewarding environment.  Her competencies lend security to the future aspiring Managers within the business in helping us realise best practices tailored to Meon’s unique blend of exceptionally talented people.

Favourite Destination:  Minneapolis