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The main hotel AquaCity is 100 yds from the FK Poprad stadium. There are 13 swimming pools in AquaCity, 1 Olympic size, all with therapeutic benefits and lifeguards are on-site. The hotel is equipped with the latest sauna’s, massages and has a Cryotherapy unit. Adjacent to the stadium pitch is a full size training pitch, both with undersoil heating. An indoor pitch is under construction and there are at least 5 other training pitches within 1 km of AquaCity. The airport is less than a 10 min coach journey to AquaCity and it takes less than 20 mins to clear passport control and re-claim baggage.

The local town is a 5 min walk where there is a hospital but there is also a doctor on site most of the time in AquaCity for the Cryotherapy. There are two dedicated gym areas, one overlooking the 50 metre pool, the other in Cryotherapy.

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Arsenal FC Youth Training Trip 2019

We were delighted with the opportunity to facilitate the Arsenal FC youth squad at the impressive Aquacity Poprad for their summer training camp.

From organising flights to accommodation, all daily requirements including transfers and meals, our experienced team of travel consultants coupled with our comprehensive concierge service ensured that everything ran smoothly throughout the entire trip.

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