The Pay it Forward campaign includes offering fee-free travel for three months for new customers, the referring companies then get the same amount back in travel credit, and the referrer gets entered into a prize draw for two tickets to New York T&Cs apply*.

1. You Make A Referral

You, as an existing customer, refer another company to Meon Valley Travel.

All you have to do is let us know that you have referred XYZ company to three months of fee-free travel – or they can let us know.

2. They Receive Fee Free Travel

The referred company will then book their travel through us for the next three months.

Once the three months are up, the company will have the choice to stay with us as their exclusive travel provider. If they do, we will refund the initial three months’ worth of fees in the form of free travel. If they don’t, we shake hands (or tap elbows) and go our separate ways.

3. You Receive Free Travel Too

If your referral results in an exclusive contract, your company will receive a travel credit equivalent to the three-month fee refund given to the company you referred.

We will also enter the referring individual into a prize draw to win two airline tickets to New York City at the end of 2021. Your company wins, and you might too!

Helping your business recover

We hear a lot these days about ‘uncertain times,’ but one thing that is certain is that people will find a way to keep doing business, to keep travelling, and to keep working toward normalising again, as we adapt to life with Covid-19.

Meon Valley Travel is at the vanguard of this effort and is ready to help you and your business recover from the lockdown. We can even help your friends and business contacts!

Don't miss important meetings

We all want to get back to business, and for many companies that means getting back on trains and planes and making those face-to-face contacts.

Refer another company to share in the great service and value you receive from the team at Meon Valley Travel, and everybody wins.