NPS Survey Leisure

What is NPS and what difference does it make?

NPS is a motivating metric to measure how we are performing. The more submissions sent the more data we can draw on and make improvements from the suggestions. NPS is calculated using the ‘Promotors’ those who score us 9 or 10 minus the ‘Detractors’ those scoring us 0-6.

The real goal for an NPS is to make improvements from customer feedback, that’s why we monitor and review all feedback sent through the NPS surveys and encourage our customers to let us know what improvements we could make, or what things we should continue to do.

We also use other metrics for customer feedback within the leisure division.

If you would like to speak to us about any suggestions please contact: (0)1730 711010

A visualisation of what a NPS score means when it’s broken down and how it’s calculated.