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Hardly any country captures the imagination as firmly as Japan. From its millennia of culture to the most ultra-modern technology, Japan has embraced all ages. With more than 6,800 islands and 18,000 miles of coastline there is plenty to explore in your Japan touring holidays, even if you stick to the five main islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa.

The length of the islands allows for such diverse landscape and climate that you can go skiing in the north of Hokkaido or swim in the crystal clear waters off Okinawa. This really is a destination for all seasons.

And in the middle lies the majestic Mount Fuji or Fuji-san as the Japanese call it. Is there a more beautiful mountain in the world?

But your Japan touring holidays should encompass so much more than nature. Japan has a rich civilisation with ancient temples, shrines and castles abounding everywhere. Pretend to be a Samurai for a day, or perhaps a ninja. Bathe in an onsen, or meditate in a monastery – really this is a culture that rewards close examination.

Japanese cities are well worth exploring. Wander around Tokyo’s bustling streets before dipping into one of its amazing restaurants for some of the most wonderful cuisine you will ever discover.

Nothing encapsulates the rich culture of Japan as much as its food. You really need to experience this on your Japanese holidays preferably in a traditional inn or ryokan. 

The former imperial capital of Kyoto is another gem just waiting for you explore. Or if you really wish to delve into the culture then why not visit a monastery and immerse yourself in a yoga and meditation course. 

If you are yet to be convinced that Japan should be top of your travel bucket list then read on. I’m sure you will be fully convinced by the time you finish this page.

Our favourite Japanese Stays

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These are just a sample of the holidays available, but if you already have a place in mind, we would love to help tailor-make your dream Japanese holiday.

Places to visit in Japan

Where else to start than Tokyo. There really is no other place like it on the planet. Sprawling, bustling and quite wonderful, the Japanese capital has the best fish market in the world – an absolute must for foodies. 

Easily reached from Tokyo, Mount Fuji is without comparison. The world’s most majestic mountain is rightly revered by Japanese. Watch Fuji slowly emerge before you as you leave the capital. Then perhaps hire a bike and cycle around the nearby Lake Kawaguchi.

Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for more than a thousand years, so it comes as little surprise that there are a thousand temples in this most beautiful city. Explore the golden Kinkaku-ji pavilion or meditate beside the Zen rock garden at Ryōan-ji.

For some of the best street food in Japan visit the country’s third city Osaka, with its great tako-yaki, or grilled octopus dumplings.

Hiroshima is not perhaps a city that would feature high up on your top cities to visit, but it is well worth including on your Japan touring holidays, if only to visit the Peace Memorial Museum and reflect upon man’s folly.

Away from the major cities, Japan has an amazing array of landscapes. Japan’s most northerly island Hokkaido is an untamed volcanic jewel. In winter it is home to some of the best skiing in the world, while in the summer the same hills are ideal for cycling and hiking. While there make sure you try the food. Even within Japan Hokkaido has a reputation for its seafood.

If you really want to get away from it all in Japan, then why not visit the smallest, and least visited, of the five main islands, Shikoku. Here you can take on the 88-temple pilgrimage if time permits.

Finally, if you are craving a bit of sun and sea on your Japan holidays, visit Okinawa, where you will discover palm trees, white sand and turquoise seas that will make you feel as if you have left Japan. 

Japan Experiences

To fully experience Japan you really have to embrace the culture. Stay in a traditional inn or ryokan. Sleep on a futon on a tatami mat floor and have your meals served by staff dressed in kimonos. There really is no better way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture.

Wherever you go in Japan you will be astonished by the quality of the food. Japan is an absolute foodies delight. Make sure you have a traditional meal and a tea at least once on your trip, for in Japan service and presentation is an essential part of the food culture.

Another unmissable Japan travel experience is to take a onsen hot spring bath. There are onsen throughout the country, and once you have overcome the embarrassment of walking naked to the bath with only a loin cloth to preserve your dignity you will feel all that stress ooze from you.

Sumo is as much a part of the Japanese culture as onsen and the cuisine. Try to catch a tournament during your stay or watch an early morning training session in the stables where the giant wrestlers train.

You might not associate Japan with castles but the country has some amazing wooden structures that stand testament to its feudal past. Two fine examples are Himeji-jō or White Egret Castle and Matsumoto-jō or Crow Castle. Alternatively visit Odawara Castle, where you can dress up like a samurai and pretend you are Tom Cruise.

Japan has even more monasteries than temples. Take a lesson in Zen meditation, or perhaps brush up on your Japanese calligraphy. If this seems too much like hard work simply relax in a rock garden and see if you can attain enlightenment.


There are numerous festivals in Japan many of which are obscure, such as Hadaka Matsuri or the Naked Man Festival, and Kanamara Matsuri, or Japan Penis Festival, but if you really wish to see Japan at its best then you should time your visit for the Cherry Blossom Season or sakura as it is called in Japan.

Finally, no visit to Japan would be complete without taking a ride on the bullet train. A wonderful way to travel quickly between your Japanese travel highlights, the bullet train is so smooth it will seem as if you have arrived at your destination before you even left.

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Best time to visit Japan

Visiting Japan in January

This is Japanese winter, so expect it to be cold, but dry and sunny. January is a great month to go skiing in Hokkaido.

Visiting Japan in February

Skiing in Hokkaido and the north of the country is great, but wrap up well although generally, the weather is dry.

Visiting Japan in March

Spring brings the onset of the Cherry Blossom season in the south of Japan as the temperatures start to rise.

Visiting Japan in April

Perhaps April is the best month to visit Japan as the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, but it is peak season, so book accommodation in advance.

Visiting Japan in May

The cherry blossoms have reached Sapporo and the north. Temperatures are warm and the landscape is lush.

Visiting Japan in June

Japan becomes hot and humid, with the rainy season starting in Okinawa. However, this is a great time to see the green countryside.

Visiting Japan in July

As the heat and humidity ramps up, escape to the mountains. Perhaps this is the time to hike up Fuji-san.

Visiting Japan in August

August is the height of holidays in Japan, so expect popular tourist spots to become crowded. July is a great month to explore Sapporo.

Visiting Japan in September

As the temperatures start to cool and the domestic tourists return to work, September can be a good month to visit Japan.

Visiting Japan in October

Arguably October is the best month to visit Japan. Autumnal colours spread across the country, and while temperatures are still warm there is less rain.

Visiting Japanin November

Autumn is now across the country, and with fewer tourists around you can really explore Japan. Temperatures are still mild in the south of Japan.

Visiting Japan in December

December is another quiet month to visit Japan. Although temperatures are falling so too is the snow in the north, marking the onset of the skiing season.


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