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Keeping Your Personal Information Safe – and Accessible

If you, like most frequent travellers, quickly tire of having to fill in your information each time you take a trip – passport numbers, seat preferences, meal order, and the dozen other things that make travel possible and comfortable – then you will be pleased to hear about Umbrella, the new data-storage app used by Meon Travel.

Easily update old passport information with Umbrella Tool. Image source Annie Spratt


After completing one, initial setup, you will not need to enter this information again when travelling. Meon Valley will be able to access the data and automatically fill in your information each time you travel, and your data will automatically inform and control apps like MeonGo and Conferma.

If your information should change – a new passport for example – then one change in this one app is all that is needed.

GDPR Compliant

Using Umbrella is optional – you can opt out of the program – but those who choose to use it can do with confidence.

Your information and data will be kept safe, stored by a third-party data company that specialises in GDPR-compliant, secure storage. This means that Meon Valley will have access to the data only as needed to book your travel, and you will have the peace of mind that your passport number, personal information, and travel preferences are all secure and private when not needed.

New British Passports are starting to be distributed. Image source: Flickr No 10

Company Policy

Your company’s travel policies can be included in the setup, so you will be sure to be compliant with them and won’t run into awkward conversations regarding expenses or settings that may have been included – or left out – in error.


Umbrella holds official data (like passport numbers, visas, date of birth, pertinent health information), personal information (like credit card numbers, contact information, seat and meal preferences), and has the ability to record special requests, so you can expect a trip tailored to you, every time, without having to fill in new forms with each voyage.

It also eliminates the chance of you forgetting to enter any special requests that might make your trip that much more enjoyable.


Under the old system, any changes to your data required a phone call, during office hours, to speak with a person who could go in and change your data.

Now, you will have the ability to access and change your data, twenty-four hours a day, any day of the year. Need to make a change? Enter the app, change the setting, and save.

It’s that easy.


The Umbrella app will keep your data secure and in one place. It is accessible and easily updated. When needed, the data flows seamlessly to your approved travel apps. The system is GDPR-compliant.

In short, Umbrella is a secure, easy, and powerful way to keep your information current, secure, and readily available – and all in one easy step.

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