Top tips for a successful skiing trip as a family

At this time of year, a lot of our customers go skiing as a family which can be exciting but thinking about everything you need to take can be a bit overwhelming if you haven’t been before! To help you make sure you have everything you need and it goes as smoothly as possible, these are our top 5  tips for going on a skiing holiday as a family:


1) Practice makes perfect – go to an indoor snow slope before you go away 

Going to an outdoor dry slope or indoor snow slope a few times before you go away can save you a lot of time and start to get everyone prepared (and excited!). Not only will you be able to help them practice getting the booting/bindings on, moving around in their skis and coping with the cold, but you will also get an idea of how long they will be able to go before getting tired. Even if you and your kids have been before, it’s a great way of refreshing everyone’s skills and getting some early practice in.

If you’re wondering where to go to get some practice this is a list of the top dry Britain’s top dry ski slopes and indoor snow centres. 

2) Be prepared – think about clothes and equipment

As in everyday life, kids need a lot more stuff than adults and that is especially true in the cold and wet! If you only go skiing once a year or this is your first trip, consider borrowing or hiring clothes and renting rather than buying equipment.

Some top tips from families who have been skiing with kids:

  • helmets are essential and can often be hired in the resort along with ski’s, poles and boots but make sure that is the case before you go,
  • mittens are often warmer than gloves,
  • fleece neckwarmers are a great option, especially for younger children,
  • goggles are more practical than sunglasses
  • thermal layers are a must
  • take extra gloves as they get wet quickly and can take time to dry out
  • have separate indoor and outdoor shoes for the evening (make sure they have good soles with grip)
  • bring your own nappies and formula milk (if needed) as finding the ones you use at home could be hard to find in a ski resort

3) Don’t forget the basics

It’s easy to forget the basics when you are packing for so many people. We’d highly recommend you take your own medical kit, including things like waterproof plasters, Calpol (or similar), Arnica for any bumps, travel sickness tablets, antiseptic cream or wipes and antihistamine for allergies as well as suncream (minimum of SPF30 or SPF50 for babies and children/adults with fair skin)

4) Get into a routine

Once you arrive, organisation and routine will help you make sure you always have everything you need – you don’t want to get to the top of a mountain only to find you’re missing a glove!

Top tips include:

  • deciding where to put all the ski gear every day when you come home and teach your children to put everything there when they are taking it off
  • making sure you set our your and your children’s ski gear the night before
  • create a mini checklist (either a written list, on your phone or a mental list!) of the essentials such as clothes, ski passes, goggles, helmets, gloves, scarves, lift passes, equipment.
  • put money for snacks during ski lessons into children’s pockets along with tissues (although make sure it’s a different pocket from the pass to limit chances of it falling out).

5) Invest in lessons

If your kids haven’t been skiing before, even if you are a good skier, we’d recommend booking them in for lessons with an instructor. Not only will they learn great technique from the beginning but it will allow you to go off an enjoy some time on the more advanced slopes. Alternatively, some families like to book a family lesson. They are normally a few hours long and can be tailored to your family, including helping the children get to grips with the lifts and get expert advice on the best slopes and runs.


remember things like taking snacks out with you, find out where the nearest toilets are, carry some sucky sweets to help with ears popping on the cables cars and disposable hand warmers can be perfect for kids that forget that snow is wet and cold while they are having a snowball fight!