Top presents to buy a business traveller at any time of the year

‘Business travel’ isn’t the most exciting category of gifts, but if you are wondering what to get someone who travels a lot, we have rounded up the gifts that manage to balance practical and thoughtful.

1) TV you can take anywhere

Travelling a lot can mean a lot of evenings in hotel rooms wondering what on earth to watch on TV. The Roku Streaming Stick+ (£79.99) turns any TV into a smart TV using the WiFi, you simply plug it into the TV’s HDMI port! They enable the user to watch over 150,000+ movies and TV episodes and don’t preference a streaming service so they can access Netflix, BBC iplayer, Amazon and more!


2) Stay connected

This is a definitely more of a practical present but when you travel a lot and need to be available for calls, check emails, be on social media or use any number of apps (our best ones for when you are travelling are recommended here) you need your phone battery to last…and last…. and last.

There are two options here – a battery phone case (literally a phone case with a built-in battery which you turn on when you need extra battery) and the portable charger (external battery pack that you plug your phone in to when you need it). Both have come a long way since they were first on the market and they can now be pretty light and not too chunky.

Obviously, the specific phone case you buy will depend on the type of phone they have but as a broad recommendation, start looking with Anker. They offer a range of cases for different phones and are highly recommended.

Similarly, there are lots of portable chargers of varying weight, size and power capability but the Anker PowerCore gets good reviews and would be a good place to start. Others to consider are the Aukey Powerbank, RAVPower and the iMuto.


3) Travel organiser

When you travel a lot you need a system to keep everything in one place to save you frantically searching for your passport/keys/booking confirmation. A travel organiser can be a great way of doing this, plus there are some really stylish options now.

For the ultimate travel organiser for someone who is design conscious, ‘This is Ground’ chocolate leather tablet case comes with pockets for a passport, two devices, headphones, and cables—plus a handy little loop where you can hang your keys (£314).

If you have a slightly more modest budget, we also really like the Knomo Fulham Knomad organise (£79)


4) Packing cubes

Now, this really is bordering on overly-practical-to-be-considered-a-gift BUT packing cubes are incredibly popular and could be the most useful present they get! Packing cubes are the organisers (or those who need some organising!) way of keeping your suitcase tidy, logical and never overfilling. Needing to know exactly where things are when you are only travelling for short periods make these packing cubes really popular with business travellers. We love these ebags ones because they can also double up as drawers which makes hotel stays a lot easier.


5) Noise cancelling headphones

Doesn’t need much of an introduction – whether in the airport, on the plane or at the hotel, noise cancelling earphones can make or break how much peace and quiet or sleep you get.

There are lots of the market and we’d highly recommend starting by looking at the Bose Sound Link Around Ear Wireless Headphones or the Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones