Looking for a new or your first Travel Management Company (TMC) and thinking about a request for proposal? Fill in your details to download our free Word document RFP template.

Creating a request for proposal is an important step for many businesses who want to find their first, or change, corporate travel agencies.

From saving you time and money to expert advice and 24-7 support, the benefits of using a corporate travel agency will always outweigh trying to manage the travel yourself. 

Whether you are PA to the managing director, part of the admin team or a travel manager, you have been tasked with finding a travel management company to partner with. 

The first part of the process is gathering a list of potential agencies to work with. Some you may have heard of, others you will find on Google, and some may make the list because you have heard great reviews.

Once you have a list of corporate travel agencies, the next step is to engage with them, whether that’s a phone call, email or face to face meeting. 

We always try to meet with our clients before the RFP process begins, so we fully understand your needs and get to know you and the businesses. This initial meeting also gives you a chance to know us. 

After this initial meeting you may feel the RFP is not necessary, as you already have made up your mind. However, if a RFP is part of the process for your business, having one that asks all the right questions will help significantly with your search. We have created a free Word document RPF template, which is ready for you to download.

Read out blog if you want to further understanding of the RFP process for travel management services

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