MeonGo is designed to be the one-app solution to all of your travel needs. The app provides a number of useful tools for the traveller, including a one-stop hub for communication from your airline(s), hotels and other arrangements, in real time, from the point of booking until the end of your trip.

Until now, most of us have been making do with multiple travel Apps to help us keep abreast of flights, hotels, news and other information we need as we travel.

Enter MeonGo, the complete travel management App containing every aspect of your itinerary whilst keeping you connected for live updates on any changes saving you time and stress whilst on the move.

Itinerary Management

MeonGo will update your itinerary automatically, so you will know immediately of any changes to flight times or providers, and can travel in confidence when there are no changes, knowing that you are fully informed throughout your trip.

Custom Communication

We’ll keep in touch with you as you travel, alerting you to changes if they should occur, and informing you of any pertinent news or events occurring at your point of departure, arrival or any point between.

All of the messages you send and receive will be archived too, so you can always go back to check on information if you need to.

Airline Check-In

We’ll remind you when it is time to check in for flights, and you can even check in directly from the app. Each little necessary task and thing to remember when travelling can add a little burden of stress to a trip. With MeonGo, we’ll be carrying a few of those for you.

Native Mapping

You can easily view the location of your hotel, meeting place, or any point along your itinerary. The app provides step-by-step directions on how to get to your destination too, so even if you aren’t sure exactly where you are – you’re never lost. MeonGo will get you where you’re going.

Click-to-Call Support

Even with all the gadgetry in the world at your fingertips, sometimes the thing you need is a word with a real human who can help out. After all, even Batman needed Alfred from time to time…

MeonGo allows you to tap a button on the screen and be put in contact with a Meon Valley Travel agent. You probably won’t need this feature, but isn’t it nice to know that it’s there if you do.

Available NOW

The MeonGo app is now available to download from the Apple and Android App Stores. Please note you will require your account details as used for making bookings through Meon Valley Business Travel. Please get in touch should you require any assistance with retrieving your account details.

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