Our innovative online system, which allows company travel arrangers to access their travellers’ live itineraries. Users have their own unique log-on and can access the site 24/7. Users can be set up to view just their own bookings or to have full visibility of all company travellers.


MEON Dashboard can be used over a dedicated web page or can make use of existing calendar sharing within Outlook and accessed using the booking email address along with a password.

The booking screen can be customised to show a date range, full flight, car, hotel and train information, and whether the booking is just being held or if tickets have been issued. When changes are made to the reservation, the system is automatically updated to reflect the current itinerary details.

More features and facilities

  • Search options allow you to search for bookings by city, flight number, airline and passenger, making data analysis simple and easy
  • The ability to access all aspects of trip information without contacting the Meon team
  • The itineraries can be synced with the travellers’ calendars and reports downloaded into Excel or PDF formats for all booked travel
  • Instant access online and tablet compatible.

MeonGo Travel App

Introducing the complete travel management App containing every aspect of your itinerary whilst keeping you connected with your travel agent for live updates on any changes saving you time and stress whilst on the move.

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