How to make the most of your Avios

We hear a lot of people talking about how it’s hard to use Avios, how it is restrictive and often, they go unused. However, with a bit of thought, imagination and an open mind, you can actually use them to create an incredible holiday you might never have thought of.


First, the basics

  • You don’t have to fly British Airways to accumulate Avios, instead you take advantage of other ways such as getting a BA Amex card or exchanging Nectar points for Avios. However, if you do fly frequently with BA, especially if you are a card holder and/or fly in premium cabins, you’ll find the points accrue at an impressive rate. And it’s a perk of business travel that you don’t want to waste.
  • You don’t have to fly BA when you use your Avios, you can use them on any OneWorld carrier. You can also combine carriers for multi sector trips.
  • You can still use a travel agent even if you use Avios. We can advise, suggest itineraries based on availability and book ground arrangements for you. You’re not taking on the organisation of the whole trip just because you’re using Avios.


Second, the myths

  • You can only use Avios if you book a year in advance.

It’s true that for the majority of the OneWorld airlines, including BA, seats are released for flights 355 days before departure. So, if you are desperate to go to Sydney in Business Class then yes, stay up until midnight and book them as soon as they are released. However, if you are more relaxed about where you go or the dates you want to go, you don’t have to worry quite as much. The rule of thumb is the more time before you fly, the more choice you’ll have.

  • Avios is only available on some flights.

BA has committed to a minimum number of Avios seats on every, single flight. They might not be available when you go to book but keep checking. The flexibility of Avios flights (for a small fee you can cancel up to 24 hours before departure and get all of your Avios back) means seats do become available again. If you can’t get a seat on a BA flight, make sure you check if they are codesharing with another OneWorld carrier and see if they have Avios seats available.

  • The taxes make redeeming Avios expensive.

Yes, in some situations you’ll end up paying as much in taxes as you would do for a cheap ticket (longhaul economy is the worst, although the Avios tickets are generally more flexible). But, you can get good value redeeming Avios, especially in the premium cabins both longhaul and shorthaul.


Third, the possibilities!

When you start from scratch and look at what the possibilities are, you’ll realise just how many options you have. And with a little help from our experienced team, we can assist you with converting points to combine with pretty much any holiday you’ve got in mind. Check out the examples below or call 01730 711010 to discuss combining your Avios with holidays through Meon Valley Travel.


This exclusive hotel is built in one of the city’s historical buildings decorated by the prestigious interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán.

  • 3 Nights city break
  • Avios points = 14,000 (Economy) / 27,750 (Business) + tax
  • Full details


Stay at the fabulous Giraffe Manor, followed by a thrilling safari to the world-famous Masai Mara, and finally relax in Mombasa at a beautiful beachfront hotel.

  • 12 Nights Giraffe Manor with Safari and Beach
  • 1 night Giraffe Manor
  • 5 nights Acacia Tree Safari
  • 6 nights Pinewood Beach Resort
  • Avios points = 32,500 (Economy) / 65,000 (Premium) / 125,000 (Club) + tax
  • Full details


Situated on an idyllic 750 ft crescent of white sandy beach on the Platinum West Coast of Barbados, Elegant Hotels proudly re-introduce Tamarind.

  • 7 Nights Fly and Flop
  • Avios points = 41,250 (Economy) / 82,500 (Premium) / 137,500 (Club) + tax
  • Full details


Take on the stretching pacific highway at your own pace, whilst enjoying all the comforts of home right there with you on the road in your very own Apollo Euro Tourer motorhome.

  • 9 Nights Motorhome Holiday
  • Sydney Bridge / Abrahams Bosom Beach / Erubodalla Botanic Gardens / Jervis Bay / Kiama Blowhole and more
  • Avios points = 65,000 (Economy) / 275,000 (Club) + tax
  • Full details


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