Conferma Pay is a Virtual Card (VC) app that displays images of the front and back of the VC relating to a traveller’s hotel booking. Conferma Pay can also be used to resend reservations and VC details to the hotel if needed when on the move. The VC image will disappear from the App after check-out and is fully GDPR compliant.

Conferma Cashless Payment Solution

Ideal for anyone without a corporate card

Conferma Pay lets employees, contractors or interviewees and anyone in the business who doesn’t typically have access to a corporate card, use single use payment cards for any approved corporate expense.

Conferma Pay’s virtual payment solutions cover any travel or indeed any business transaction to deliver:

Heightened Security

Faster Payments

Bespoke Data

Seamless Processes

Expert Partners

Features and facilities

  • Available on all Android, Windows and iOS devices
  • Travellers can photograph their final invoice to make expense reconciliation easy
  • Front and back of card visibility enabling users to present at hotel reception if needed
  • Resend booking to hotel from device
  • After check-out the VCN is removed from the App, so there is never any confusion or chance of the card being presented for another use.

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