AIG exploits global presence at a local level, through the implementation of Meon technology solutions.

American International Group Inc (AIG) is a leading international insurance organisation serving customers in more than 130 countries. AIG companies serve commercial, institutional and individual customers through one of the most extensive worldwide property & casualty networks. Over the last 50 years AIG has established an enviable reputation for developing innovative products globally in step with new trends and directions in business.


AIG wished to streamline communication and performance visibility between AIG global hubs for travel management. The objective was to measure report and record in a meaningful manner centrally highlighting cultural, behavioural and purchasing variances between countries and local country management. The objective was to minimise process, eliminate errors and cultivate immediate communication adopting best practice and new technology whilst remaining compatible with an existing global operating platform.


• Meon Valley Travel developed ‘Hermes’, a bespoke operating application compatible with AIG’s Liberty global operation system; creating automatic pre-population of travel requests, policy requirements, authorisations and travel itinerary communication. 

• Meon Valley Travel created telephone coaching for new staff. Mentoring by phone has been added to supplement Meon’s support of AIG internal training for travellers and managers.

• Meon Valley Travel provide regular consulting services to ensure AIG is fully supported with all Meon’s divisional strengths aiding adoption including Staff Travel benefits, FCA compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility by jurisdiction, Disaster Recovery and new technologies. 


• The Hermes operational platform has delivered an immediate 80% reduction of all data input enabling bookers and consultant’s reallocation of time from administration to making informed booking choices.

• In addition to efficiencies gained, reports enjoy the total elimination of input error between managers, travellers and Meon Valley Travel Group which has enabled a resource reduction for AIG.

• Direct attributable savings to smart buying have been realised by AIG from 2013/14 at a further 9% betterment.

• Extra time has been allowed by the new efficiencies enabling more effective management of booker and traveller behaviour through mentoring, counselling, consultation and training.

• AIG has been able to open new global territories servicing worldwide travel needs with immediate implementation and adoption of best practice.

We are stronger together. To help our clients get the most from our outstanding range of products and services we share clearly defined objectives with our key suppliers who themselves deliver unique attributes. Meon Valley Travel Group provides exciting business innovation as well as the core dependencies upon which we treasure their support. They have furthered global best practice, local adoption, minimal resistance and instant results. 

Stuart Murray
AIG Head of Claims and Assistance

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We are determined to help get business moving again.

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