Providing a powerful, holistic view of management information through stylish graphical analysis and data visualisation. Our analysis system allows users to view their data in a multitude of ways from company-wide or departmental analysis, right down to the individual traveller, booker, reservation or invoice.


Generating reports for you or your colleagues is time consuming, gathering the data from all the different sources, compiling and calculating – finding out something’s not quite right and trying to fix it. With Analytix you don’t need to worry.

The automated reporting system finds all the data and will do the calculations for you, or for your colleagues. They can directly access reports too, so they don’t need to come through you every time they want to see facts and figures.

Analytix means that you and your colleagues will have a real time view of how your accounts are performing.

More features and facilities

  • Full reporting and analysis system that is user-friendly and fast, allowing you to get the information you need via stylish graphical reports
  • Unique Data Share facility that allows users to share reports and data views with internal stakeholders
  • Ability to interrogate data by global, local, business unit and traveller levels
  • One click export into .csv or .xls formats so you can dissect and present the data outside of Analytix.
Business Travel Management Information

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