Global Assistance Travel - Team

Repats Manager

On maternity leave and we are really missing her.  Faye has safely left the Repatriation department in the capable hands of Jude Wakefield, Christine Millson and the team.

Acting Repatriations Manager

Young and full of joy Christine’s background at Thomson’s has proved a real asset from the get go. She is destination aware, understands quality, has great discipline and what she doesn’t know about tour operators, charters and low cost carriers isn’t worth knowing. Christine is the first one to tackle a challenge, she is super enthusiastic, super chatty, naturally gifted and a lovely person – a perfect combination to help lead the Repatriations team.

Favourite Destination: Interlaken Switzerland

Invoice Administrator

Tash has excelled herself with youthful enthusiasm and a knack for picking up training on the front line of a business where the need is always immediate. Quietly determined where nothing is a drama, she is great at getting the job done with a subtle efficiency. A rising star and natural talent of the future.

Favourite Destination: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Repats Consultant

As a dancer Ellie is used to the idea of marrying strength with deft accuracy, and although dancing is kept to a minimum in the office (we do see the odd shimmy!), Ellie is able to transfer these skills to her work in the Repatriation department.

Ellie has developed into a versatile and valued member of the team with a graceful ease befitting her dancing background. Tiptoeing through the more sensitive cases ensuring that matters are dealt with in a delicate manner where necessary, yet still providing a robust service in a timely manner. As a colleague, Ellie is a delight to work with, bringing both a great sense of humour and an aura of happiness into the office on every shift.

Favourite Destination: Rome

Trainee Repats Consultant

After achieving a BTEC Diploma in Travel and Tourism and starting her working life in customer facing roles, Danielle has the ideal background to join the Repatriation department learning how to be one of our exceptional consultants. Danielle shows enthusiasm and a keenness to absorb as much information as she can in order to be a reassuring and professional voice for our clients.

Favourite Destination: Mexico

Repats Team Leader

Deborah loves her children, they come first. So in a family business, she is the perfect embodiment of the values we cherish. Repats is all about care and speed to resolution in a highly charged and sensitive emergency need. Above all we care, and Deborah proves the point with focus of attention and call to action as a pre-requisite to an exceptional repatriations consultant and leader giving the best of travel and galvanising a team with talent.

Favourite Destination: St Lucia

Repats Consultant

Vicki is sound, dependable, delightful and resourceful. She is a safe pair of hands and has a deep understanding of assistance travel matched with an enviable breadth of experience in small and large TMC’s. Vicki is relentlessly enthusiastic and never lets go of a problem until it is resolved. We love her surgical wit, wicked sense of humour and spirited dancing.

Favourite Destination: Kuranda, Queensland

Trainee Repats Consultant

Daisy is a young, bright, confident and pro-active member of the Repatriation Trainee team. After gaining valuable customer service experience managing a local tea room and with a natural flair for being business savvy, she has embraced this new role with empathy and understanding beyond her tender years.

With a keen football interest, Daisy plays for a local ladies team and enjoys watching Portsmouth FC play. When not involved in The Beautiful Game, her other leisure pursuit is fly fishing.

Favourite Destination: Florence

Repats Consultant

Emma has several years travel experience, having worked overseas for five years. She has a lot of experience in the luxury travel industry and has proven to be intuitive, hardworking and enthusiastic about everything she does. Her confidence with clients on the phone leaves them feeling reassured and comforted when most in need. We are simply in awe. A real catch and we are thrilled to have her on board.

Favourite Destination: Phuket

Repats Consultant

After successfully completing his training programme in the Repatriation department, Josh has demonstrated his enthusiasm to get the job done. With a proven track record in insurance and technology customer service roles and after a short spell indulging his passion as a landscape gardener, Josh knows how to dig in and reap the benefits of training and gaining on-the-job experience. Josh’s warm and caring personality already has him fast-tracking as a solid and dependable member of the Repatriation team.

In his spare time he is a regular football player.

Favourite Destination: On the back of a tractor mower with a beer in hand

Repats Consultant And Trouble Shooter

With 12 years at Carllson Wagonlit culminating in managing the platinum team responsible for the personal travel for senior board members of the largest and most demanding multinationals, Kirsty understands all about attention to detail. Kirsty is responsible for training together with the systems and procedures that accompany the increasing demands of managing and institutionally sharing knowledge. Greatly respected initially as a trouble shooter through all departments with the challenges that accompany exponential growth the word ‘no’ simply doesn’t exist in her vocabulary and Kirsty is relentless in the pursuit of nurturing talent. Kirsty has been instrumental in the development of the Meon knowledge bank.

Favourite Destination: Moon Palace, Cancun

Repats Consultant

Independent and totally committed to what it takes to be a brilliant Repats consultant, Hiba buries herself in caring for the intimate detail of repatriation planning, demonstrating knowledge beyond her years. Originating from the Lebanon, Hiba thrives on the challenge to go one step beyond the norm and she is our very own Gold Medallist, racing to the phone to help with whatever calls. Whatever she does Hiba wants to do well and she cares – it’s what makes her so special.

Favourite Destination: A night out in London

Repats Consultant

Specialising in out of hours and nights cover, Claire is the model of service perfection personified. Prompt, proficient and caring, Claire commands a huge wealth of respect from her colleagues in coping with the most demanding and sensitive needs at the most delicate of times. When you need a friendly voice on the end of the phone, she’s the best.

Favourite Destination: With the family

Acting Repatriations Manager

Jude, with over 15 years leisure and business travel experience joined Meon Repats in 2003 and quickly established a reputation as a thorough all-rounder with an amazing knack for getting the most distant carriers to deliver client needs and emergency support under the most extreme and difficult circumstances. Jude comes in to her own in the toughest situations with an intuitive skill for containing crisis blended with common sense when sense is not always common. A committed team player, driven and focused, Jude is one who leads by example and always delivers. Oh, and if there’s a party… Jude’s the one in the middle of the dance floor swinging her arms in the air.

Favourite Destination: Byron Bay, AU