Work Together​

Collaborate across all levels and across all functions; leverage the skills, knowledge and experience, irrespective of hierarchy, to deliver the best possible results; develop relationships based upon trusting each other, partnerships and win-wins; recognise and celebrate success.

Do The Right Thing

For our people, our customers, our shareholders and suppliers; make decisions based on what is right, not what is easy; demonstrate personal and professional integrity; do what’s right for the long term sustainability of our business.

Aim Higher

Strive to be the best in every area of the business; be ambitious, courageous and innovative; relentlessly challenge and improve; seek and embrace change; learn from our mistakes; persevere, always deliver our promises and don’t settle for second best.


Take Ownership

Treat it like it’s OUR business; take the initiative, if we see a better way- go make the difference; take decisions, be accountable for our actions in whatever role we carry out; take responsibility for our own personal development and performance.


Say It Like It Is

Be real, authentic and true to ones-self; have adult to adult conversations with all; listen, seek to understand and respect diversity of views; be open, call out issues we see; share information and keep things as simple as possible without escalating drama.


Be Your Best Self​

Be the best we can be, the real and whole you; celebrate our diversity of skills, experience and personality; be a role model to others, demonstrate a ‘can do’ spirit, have fun and make this a great place to be; be excited about our company and our future; believe in yourself, feel confident and in control.

What our customers say