Business Travel - Team

Business Travel Manager

Never quiet, never bored, never without his team around him, you never see the wood on his desk for the wealth of papers and notes from all the people he’s helping, managing or helping manage.

If you cut Kevin’s arm, he bleeds Meon Valley Business Travel and the team rely upon him. He understands people and has a profound knowledge second to none for airlines, fares and systems. His professionalism is legendary. Never known to drop the ball and often there to catch for others, his weekend escape is his Leicester City season ticket.

Favourite Place: Darling Harbour, Sydney

Business Travel Manager

Having joined us from a great grounding at the Co-op, Julie is good solid fun and a lovely person. We first met her many moons ago on an educational in Mexico and we wanted her to join the team ever since. She has got great attitude, she is always up for a challenge and first to volunteer whenever extra help is needed. She has excelled as a business champion within the team and offered great guidance and counsel with common sense and commercial savvy at all levels of the business. Newly promoted to Travel Manager she deserves every ounce of her hard fought success.

Favourite Destination: Washington DC

Senior Consultant

Best friend with our Becs, Sarah is a great listener who cracks on with the job, takes everything on board and loves to pick up new skills. She was dedicated enough to move half way across the country for her work and is one to always look on the positive side and see the best in any situation.
Sarah does a great posh telephone voice and frustrates us all with her ability to eat for England yet never gain a pound. Our very own super star, Sarah recently married and can shop 24/7 in her favourite destination.

Favourite Destination: Top of the ‘Rock’, New York City

Senior Consultant

A more thoroughly dedicated and talented professional you could not ask for. Jane loves the company and the company (and everyone in it) loves Jane. She has the patience of a saint and an insightful attention to detail. Jane will go overboard, above and beyond the call of duty for her clients, checking in, ensuring the right seats, sourcing the right meals, booking the best restaurants and securing the best rooms. Caring and responsible, a wealth of people rely upon her. This added to a lovely warm nature, makes Jane a very special person.

Favourite Destination: Nerja, Spain

IT & Business Support Manager

Kelly is our very own in-house IT queen. She is thorough, methodical, hugely talented and creative. Kelly enjoys an intimate understanding of best process and how to blend this with technology that works. In this ever growing environment of e-commerce Kelly’s knowledge of self-booking tools and white label technology, delivering greater control and cost transparency to tech savvy businesses is now legend. She galvanises a perfect blend of talent and technology with a human touch and warmth of emotional intelligence.

Favourite Destination: Home

Key Account Manager

A tour de force with profound industry knowledge and a great talent treasured. Tracey’s experience embraces business travel, technology, HR, management and sales so who better to tell you all you need to know about the world of travel. She is sassy, talented and resourceful; brimming with enthusiasm and motivation for the team, Tracey leads from the front and tells it how it is. She holds a special place in our hearts and we admire her integrity, competence, ambition and strength.

Tracey’s passion for the company is engrained in her DNA and we love her for it.

Favourite Destination: Lake Garda

Ticketing Consultant

Becs can eat for England and Heaven knows how she stays so slim – it must be her metabolism! Becs is our very own home-grown talent and an absolute gem of a travel consultant. Quick on the uptake, spirited and lively with an infectious bubbly personality, it almost hurts seeing someone so good doing so well for her treasured clients.

Favourite Destination: The Maldives

Senior Consultant

Our Julie is a regular trooper, balancing a busy and demanding life as a mother of two yet still delivering that same unwavering care and attention at our Leicester office. A solid citizen with a heart of gold when she is not helping guests travel the world Julie is a charity fundraiser par excellence.

Favourite Destination: Australia

Senior Consultant

The office David Bailey! Steve loves his photography and loves his gadgets. Everybody loves Steve; he is happy-go-lucky and always has a smile even in the most challenging times (snow crisis, volcanic eruptions, etc) Steve is great on the phone and he enjoys a loyal customer following who wouldn’t dream of having anyone else look after their hard-earned travel spend. He is guaranteed to brighten your day and lighten the load of any travel need.

Favourite Destination: Ayers Rock, Australia

Incentive Retail Consultant

Happily married to the lovely Steph, Martin is a Leicester City fan but this doesn’t hold him back from seeking and booking the most obscure activities and fabulous venues for events, conferences and experiences ranging from power boat racing through wine tours and even cage diving with sharks off the coast of South Africa. Martin is a font of knowledge from the sublime to the scary and he has an incredible knack for taking the hardship and expense out of any enquiry without losing an ounce of the mystery and satisfaction. Cool, calm, collected and courageous, Martin has a skill to inspire. If you ever want to motivate your staff with an incentive, you need to talk to Martin.

Favourite Destination: Sydney Opera House

Senior Consultant

Scottish, fiercely patriotic, gifted and tenacious – it must be in the blood! Regularly travelling the country to visit friends and family and always, it appears, popping off to Dubai with her husband. Esther won’t let go when she knows what her clients need and she will fight tooth and nail to get all you want from your travel. Value, comfort, security and speed all come as second nature.

Favourite Destination: Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

Senior Consultant

Having joined us from Co-op Travel Services, Sande has fitted into the team exceptionally well. She is a no fuss, no nonsense, all guns blazing travel gal who startled and delighted her clients and colleagues with her speed and how she hit the ground running. Sande impresses all with her get-go and sparky talent.

Favourite Destination: Vegas baby!


Kay drives the invoice department and ploughs through an awesome volume of work with a cheery smile and never missing a deadline. Always on hand with tea and sympathy if needed, the wheels would grind to a halt without her. Recently married and a bundle of joy at any gathering, Kay’s smile lights up the building with life affirming warmth.

Favourite Destination: The Maldives

IT & Business Support Trainee

Luke joins us after carrying out an apprenticeship role as a Web Developer and completing a Level 3 ICT Professional Competence course. Ideally suited to the IT & Business Support Trainee position, he is passionate about diagnosing and resolving hardware, software and end users problems and will be working under the one-to-one tutelage of Kelly Doherty.

Luke enjoys watching and playing Sunday football and is a season ticket holder for Nottinghamshire Cricket Club.

Favourite Destination: New York

Senior Consultant

Angela is great fun to be around. She’s bi-lingual and loves to use her Spanish at every given opportunity. She has an awesome attention to detail and will forever go the extra mile. She has an infectious giggle and a passion for chocolate.

Favourite Destination: The Sunrise in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Senior Consultant

Talk about hit the ground running! You would not believe he joined us as a trainee and has already fast-tracked his skills to consultant level. He has mastered the complexities of rail bookings and has a speed to action far beyond his years. As long as we don’t burn him out this one is going to be a keeper and the boy will go far!

Favourite Destination: Ibiza

Senior Consultant

Juliette is a diamond. She makes the most fantastic cheesecake, runs an allotment, keeps four children in line and contributes as a fantastic team member with a wicked sense of humour. We will never tire of Juliette’s great customer service skills and wonderful rapport with her clients.

Favourite Destination: Barbados

Groups Manager

A prolific writer and master of the English language, David’s knowledge of routes, aircraft configurations and event destinations is the stuff of legend. He has a broad church of expertise having worked in the PR and events industry for many years, leading his own team and supporting individuals and event management companies finding exceptional value for all their corporate, conference and travel needs. From anywhere to anywhere in the world, juggling multi-national complex itineraries, David’s mind works quicker than a computer and lives and breathes professionalism. Partial to a glass of red, David is a committed runner and a qualified Athletics coach.

Favourite Destination: The ridge path of the Malvern Hills

Senior Consultant

Always the first to volunteer when anybody needs support, the first when there is extra work to be done and the last to be dragged off the dance floor! Shirley helps out in other departments whenever needed and is a mine of knowledge, charisma, dependability and is happy to surprise with her expertise and attention to detail.

Favourite Destination: Itamambuca Eco Resort Island, Rio de Janeiro

Sales and Marketing Assistant

She maybe young but she has a bright future ahead of her.  Saskia is passionate about the company, committed to marketing presentation and business development and spirited with an individuality and creative eye to challenge dull convention.  She cares about getting results, works hard and takes pride in giving her best to the business.  She also startles all with her ability to remain vertical in the most precariously high shoes.  In a department where get-up-and-go is a pre-requisite Saskia is an inspiring go-getter.

Favourite Destination:  New York