British Airways has announced it will no longer provide therapeutic oxygen on short-haul flights departing after 1st February 2018. Customers requiring therapeutic oxygen on short-haul flights will need to make their own provisions however they will still need get medical clearance and the oxygen must be from a list of acceptable providers. Whilst BA will continue to provide therapeutic oxygen onboard long-haul flights, if customers are connecting to/from a short-haul flight they will need to make their own oxygen provision for these segments.

This decision follows a trend of BA unbundling and dropping services over the past few years and will have a significant impact on customers requiring repatriation with oxygen. British Airways is one of the only carriers in Europe that can offer both a business-class cabin and onboard therapeutic oxygen and therefore is often the airline of choice for insurers. Whilst this decision will only impact a small number of BA customers directly, there are wider implications including BA losing its competitive advantage over low cost carriers who don’t require medical clearance and now have the same oxygen policy.